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Facilitate interacting with the BitShares Blockchain

Interacting with the BitShares Blockchain can be cumbersome if you are not familiar with console tools, or haven't dug through the plentiful features of the BitShares Reference UI yet. In general, every action on the BitShares Blockchain requires the private keys of the involved accounts, and when you are using third party tools (especially closed source ones), the question about trust quickly arises. Being closed source can be a business model, but should not hinder adoption. We aim to solve that.

This showcase serves to demonstrate possibilities for user-friendly and secure interaction with the BitShares Blockchain, without having to use the console or BitShares UI. For that purpose a voting section is present on this site that displays the status of selected worker proposals, and by installing the standalone BitShares Companion locally on your computer you can also vote on them!

Beet - the BitShares Companion

Your user-friendly gate to the BitShares Blockchain.

  • Open Source

    Fully transparent and auditable.

  • Locally installable

    Independent of web deployment, maximizing security and trust.

  • Identity shield

    Nothing leaves the companion without user consent.

Beet is written in VueJS and can be locally installed. It allows separate account management while being in full control of what data to expose to third parties. Private keys are locally stored and encrypted, protected by a wallet master password. All transactions suggested by third parties must be confirmed before being broadcast.

Interactive Voting

Your immediate way to influence.

Voting is one of the key aspects of the BitShares Blockchain. In order to facilitate the process, especially for 3rd parties and without having to involve the BitShares UI, we present to you the BitShares Voting Widget. It is written in VueJS and can be included on any HTML site via a simple html tag. The widget establishes a connection to the blockchain by itself and queries all necessary data. It can be used simply for displaying purposes, or to actively vote on a proposal. Since the widget does not know any private keys it requires a locally running BitShares Companion which signs the transaction. Install Beet from GitHub and try it live here.

Please note that the widget does not allow to retract a vote (yet). The proposals below are selected by hand and is not meant as any endorsement.

The BitShares widget is proudly presented by Blockchain Projects BV.
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